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The RSA Certificate – Bar Tips for Identifying The Regulars

By Peter Cutforth

April 27, 2012

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The RSA Certificate will not give you the charm of a perfect bar tender, that is something that you have to get on your own! But it is also very important when working in a bar or a restaurant/club. This is not just because RSA Certificateregulars put a lot of money into your place of work , it is also because it is these people who will bring the business to you. If a regular ever wants to have an event or have a few people around for a drink, they will use the club or pub that they know best, which is hopefully yours. This means that the regulars and you have to have a good trust between each other so that you mutually understand that you will treat each other well! So the trust that is built is an essential strut to supporting the business. But in addition, regulars will spread the word about your bar if they think it is good enough (you have to show them that!). So better than any form of advertising and marketing, is viral marketing where one person simply spreads the word to another person about your bar! And it works charms!

So How Do I Build This Trust? Won’t Come With The RSA Certificate!

The trust that you need to build with regulars is not something that will come with the RSA Certificate, you have to build it on your own. So the first step is to have a drink you do really well, something that someone will come back for a lot. The next step is to identify who is coming back for particular drinks each time. And the final step is really, just to get to know them! The best way to create an impression is to remember their name as well. You do this and they will remember yours. At this point you will start to develop a friendship and will be able to keep the regulars coming back. But one thing that you need to do is make sure that you serve a drink particularly well, so that they know when to come back if looking for you and a drink you do well!

Before Any Of This, Get Your RSA Certificate!

Before you start to work in a bar or even apply to work in one, you first need to complete the RSA Course and get the RSA Certificate! This will allow you to work in any liquor serving establishment around Australia, so you open yourself up to a whole new range of job opportunities. Get started today!


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The Best Value Online RSA
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