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Man Six times over Alcohol Limit Crashes Car

By Peter Cutforth

February 21, 2014

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The consequences of drink driving can be severe even if they do not prove fatal, as they often do, you could be left paralysed, brain damaged or cause serious injury or death to others, sadly many people are ignoring the risks and choosing to drive while intoxicated. This irresponsible behaviour was the cause of crash which place at Clifton recently. A driver who was 6 times over the legal alcohol limit was injured in a crash.

The man was subsequently charged after police received the results of the blood test which they administered on the man which demonstrated that he was well over the legal alcohol limit. The man’s blood alcohol concentration was 0.321 and the legal limit is 0.05 per cent.

The article on explains:

WDN_09-01-2014_ROP_02_BUN270412RBT1_t460BLOOD taken from a man who was injured in a crash at Clifton has revealed he was more than six times over the legal alcohol limit, according to police.

Clifton police officer-in-charge Sergeant Guy Smidt said he charged the 45-year-old man on Tuesday after receiving the results of the blood test.

Sgt Smidt said the man’s blood was sampled after the car he was driving ended up on the railway line in a single vehicle crash at the intersection of Clark St and Wiedman Rd about 3pm on December 1, last year.

He said tests indicated the man had a blood alcohol concentration of 0.321.

The man was charged with driving under the influence of liquor as well as driving a vehicle that was not fitted with an interlock device.


According to a police sergeant the reading was particularly high. He expressed his frustration that drivers are simply not getting the message when it comes to the dangers of drink driving.

The culprit was transported to hospital for treatment after the crash. The man will appear in court on 19 February. The post goes on to explain:

“It is an extremely high reading,” Sgt Smidt said.

“We just can’t get the message through.”

He said at the time of the incident, the man had been taken to Toowoomba Hospital for treatment to injuries to his lower spine and sternum.


Despite the fact that alcohol slows down your brain functions and causes drivers to react slower and affects decision making negatively too many drivers are making the wrong choices.

Alcohol reduces your ability to judge your speed and distance, so you don’t notice how close other cars and objects are to you. It is important that before we even pick up a drink we should ensure we have a safe way home.

But sadly, alcohol makes you more confident than you would be normally, leading you to think it is safe to drive and resulting in more dangerous and reckless driving behaviour.

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